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INSEEC French-Alps Summer School

Summer School Program

Join us for our 2014 Summer School

In a stimulating academic environment, based in one of the country's strongest economic regions, take advantage of our exceptional location at the foot of the Alps and on the shores of France's largest lake to spend a month of cultural academic and professional discovery.

Our Summer School aims to develop the students' knowledge in European Business Environment and an understanding of the major challenges of sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

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How is Europe evolving? What do you need to work successfully in Europe?

Our 4 week program, from June 16th until July 11th, focuses on the European Union and its single market. The courses, all taught in English, provide insight into the development of European Business. Special attention is paid to cross-cultural issues and how companies have sucessfully overcome cultural challenges.

Strong emphasis will be placed on the key issue of sustainable development and the response of large Rhone-Alps corporations to this global issue. Our exceptional location will allow for trips to Geneva, Chamonix and Turin where we will visit international institutions, companies and cultural sites, aiming to give you an overall view of the region's economic and social assets.

The program allows you to earn 6 US or 12 ECTS credit hours and offers you the opportunity to acquire survival skills in French and earn an additional 1 US or 2 ECTS credit hours. During your stay, you will have many opportunities to experience our local culture and interact with students from all corners of the world.

Summer School

Course Program


  • Earn 6 US or 12 ECTS credit hours in an attractive short term program
  • Enjoy discovering a dynamic economic region with an exceptional quality of life
  • Meet and exchange with key professionals during our corporate visits
  • Acquire survival skills in French on an optional basis at no extra cost and earn 1 US or 2 ECTS credit hours
  • Learn about local culture and socialize with students from all around the world

Course title Duration Credits
European Heritage 9 hrs 1
Global issues in sustainable Marketing 12 hrs 1
Managing Business Operations in EU 12 hrs 1
Intercultural Communication 18 hrs 2
Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility 12 hrs 1
French instruction 12 hrs 1
  • European Heritage

    Objectives: To understand the evolution of European integration as well as to experience first-hand the ways in which the "European project" impacts on the socio-economic and political landscape of our lives.

    • Why do we have a "European Space"?
    • Main actions and programmes of the EU
    • EU Supports for SMEs and student projects
    • EU Supports for SMEs and student projects, cont.
  • Global issues in sustainable Marketing

    The Global issues in Sustainable Marketing will provide students with a good understanding of sustainable consumption, design and marketing and tools to apply this new knowledge into the global context of today's corporations.

    Part I : Sustainable consumption : consumer attitudes and behaviors in the hyper-choice society, global business trends and marketing opportunities. Case Study and class discussion.

    Part II : Sustainable design and eco-design : definitions, tools for environmental assessment, the pricing challenge , eco-design strategies and business best global practices. Case Study and class discussion.

  • Managing Business Operations in Europe

    General description

    The European Union, after 50 years of developement, is now the largest market in the world. Despite these 5 decades of unification, differences among European nations persist. Therefore, Europe can sometimes be considered a unique market from a business perspective, and at other times, the sum of its national markets.

    This module gives non-European and European students the keys to initiate business in the European Union, and presents the challenges and solutions of managing operations there.

    Learning objectives

    • Understand the diverging and common points among European countries
    • Learn about issues and solutions related to trading with Europe from other continents, and doing business within EFTA
    • Know how to run a business in Europe

    Course details

    • Trade within the European Union and EFTA: intra-community business
    • Competition within European nations. Tax issues.
    • Export & Import with the EU. EU Customs.
    • European organizations. European logistics. European management.
  • Intercultural Communication

    Developing intercultural awareness and the ability to engage in positive and constructive interactions across cultures is an essential part of an education in an international context. The objective of this Summer course is to gain familiarity with cultural dimensions and understand the way they affect communication across cultures. We will work on strategies for engaging in constructive interactions through interactive lectures, as well as group and individual work. Students' active participation is essential for fulfilling the requirements for the course and meeting its learning objective.


    • Gain familiarity with cultural dimensions and understand the influence that they can have on intercultural communication,
    • Acquire strategies for engaging in positive interactions across cultures within the context of personal and professional relationships.
  • Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsability and Business Ethics in Europe

    This course introduces Sustainable Development basics. In regards to the future of the World , Sustainable development is one of the key that everyone has to know.

    Course content outline:

    • Definition of sustainable development (social, environment, economic).
    • How whole humanity is threatened by human activity.
    • Global solutions / The United Nations programs
    • The sustainable development in China: facts and figures. The present and future actions.
    • The green company status : impacts on your commercial development
    • The sustainable development in international business: a growing trend, an image to invest in.
  • French instruction

    This course will enable you to start or improve your language skills in French. It is specifically designed to help you acquire basic language abilities and essential communicative skills according to your level. You will be taking a test on the first day of the course to assess your level. In class, emphasis is placed on oral practice and interactive learning activities in a real life approach to the language including simple routine tasks, common polite phrases and exchanges of information in order to help you develop your communication skills in daily life situations.

    We will work in pairs and use role playing activities as well as authentic documents to help you survive and experience relationships in the new culture.

Cultural events and trips


Guided tour of Chambéry

A guided tour of the medieval center of Chambéry will help you trace the history of Savoie and reveal the rich architectural heritage and the charms of the city.

chambery guided tour

Geneva : UNOG

At the United Nations Office in Geneva, a guided tour will take us round the "Palais des Nations" and will provide us with information about the work, activities and objectives of the UNO at Geneva. This day excursion will also allow to walk around the historic city center and the shops of Switzerland's most international city.

UNOG Geneva

We went to Geneva on a beautiful day on June 28 and started our tour with a visit in English of the "Palais des Nations". The guide showed us the main conference rooms and explained the function and decoration of each room, the protocol to be followed for placing delegates representing member countries as well as the official languages used at conferences. We finished the tour with the largest room in the palace adorned with the sign symbol of the UN.

The picnic at the lake was much appreciated by the students and they enjoyed the free time left in the afternoon to stroll, go shopping and buy some Swiss chocolate!

As always, the day seemed too short to see everything!



The summer is an ideal time to explore the Alps. A day out will take you to Chamonix and its famous Sea of Ice. A car cable ride will take you to the Brevent facing Mont Blanc, the hightest summit in Europe. From an altitude of 2525 meters, you will admire majestic views over the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. The different terraces and observation tables enable visitors to fully enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view.

A special day was devoted to Chamonix, on July 10. When we entered the valley of Chamonix, the students were first very impressed by the Bossons glacier, "the largest ice waterfall in Europe". Then we took the gondola lift to Planpraz at the altitude of 2000 m, then the cable car to Le Brévent at the altitude of 2,525m. At the top, we spent a long time admiring the breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc and the whole Mont Blanc range and we enjoyed a moment of rest and contemplation on the beautiful sunny terraces. A unique experience in front of the exceptional panorama of the jewel of the Alps !

The first contact with the snow was for some students a completely new and enthusiastic experience. They will long remember their sliding steps on the snow and the fun they had throwing snow balls at each other !

The day ended with the beautiful descent to Chamonix and some enjoyable free time in the old city center to relax, buy postcards and souvenirs before returning to Chambéry. A marvelous day in the French capital of Alpinism !

Chamonix montagne


Another day trip will take us to Turin, the city of the XXth Winter Olympics and nominated as the European Youth Capital in 2010. Turin is a flourishing, industrious cosmopolitan European city, which enjoys state-of-the-art technology and architectural developments. As a major industrial center, the city will allow you to visit the headquaters of major international companies like FIAT or the famous coffee company LAVAZZA.

Students in Turin Turin city

The day in Turin was nice and warm! We started with a guided visit of the FIAT car crash test center, but no test were performed during our visit which was a bit frustrating for the students; In fact the preparation of the tests requires a lot of time and the start time of testing is random.

After a nice picnic in a city park, we headed to the city center to enjoy the inevitable but no less delicious "gelati" and discovered the baroque architecture of the monuments of Turin, including the Royal Palace.

Then the students admired a panoramic view of the city at the top of "La Mole Antonelliana"" the highest domed construction which is also the symbol of Turin. The day ended with a fascinating tour of the Museum of Cinema in a cozy atmosphere where the visitor enjoys a complete retrospective of film techniques and wanders among the most illustrious characters of the seventh art ! an informative and timeless visit! A great day in Turin !

Extracurricular activities

You will enjoy the pleasure of tasting typical Savoie wines and local products at a local winery. You will experience your cooking talent and become a specialist in French cuisine during our cooking class. You will walk downtown and enjoy the famous street music festival on the 21st June and celebrate the 1st day of the summer. You will enjoy a farewell dinner with typical Savoie dishes on the shores of the largest lake in France.

Cooking class

Cooking class

The Summer school "cooking class" fits into the goal to share our French and regional cultural heritage with the students through a unique experience. Students meet professional trainers at the " MFR The Fontanil", a professional cooking school and have access to the professional premises to learn about French cuisine and enjoy what they have prepared during lunch.

The course starts in the morning with the discovery of recipes, food preparation and monitoring of various cooking. Then it is time to learn how to set a table in the rules of the French art respecting the position of each element on the table, the students focus on the style, the atmosphere is serious, you do not mess with the codes of the "art de la table"! Finally, this unique experience for our students ends up with the meal shared with the teachers ! A tasty experience and a great success!

La ville de Monaco Le centre ville historique de Monaco
Tasting wines

Tasting wines

It was with a great pleasure that we met Mathieu GOURY who operates and makes the wine of Savoie on the" Domaine de la Violette" in the village of "Les Marches», near Chambéry on June 26. Mathieu speaks English very well which facilitated the visit of the domain and the tasting of wines.

After admiring the vineyard of Abymes and Appremont, which extends in front the property, facing Mont Granier, we went down into the cellar and we "tasted» the wines pulled from the barrels: white wines (Appremont, Chignin Bergeron and Roussette, then the red wines of Savoy, the Gamay and the Mondeuse. Following this first initiation, we reached the wine cellar established in the former stables of the castle where the bottles are shown and sold. We continued our tasting experience with the bottled wines and the help of Matthieu's very professional comments. The tasting was accompanied by a delicious cake prepared by Mrs. Viviand, who is responsible for the marketing.

An ounce of initiation to oenology, a thorough discovery of the " Vins de Savoie" and a good dose of enthusiasm, that was the recipe for a typically savoyard afternoon with our students who were eager to discover the authenticity of our region !

La ville de Monaco Le centre ville historique de Monaco

Program cost

Program cost
Early bird fees
Until Program Cost As of
€2,000 March, 31st 2014 €2,300 April, 1st 2014

Payment in Euros, by wire or check.

Fees include tuition fees and French language instruction, accommodation, round trip transport to programmed visits and the following social or cultural events :

  • Welcome morning coffee
  • Visit to a winerie to taste local products
  • Cooking class to discover the secrets of the local "cuisine"
  • Farewell dinner by the lake.
fees do not include :
  • Housing Insurance and medical insurance
  • Round trip air fare
  • Meals, except for those listed in the program


Michel Guilmault Or Carole Brescia

tél : +33 4 79 25 38 38

All tuition fees should be paid before June 10, 2014. The bank transfer fees will be at the student's expense.

A €55 administration fee included in the total amount will not be refunded if you cancel your participation.

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